About Us

"Love is love."
Always, and we’re glad that message is getting through. 
Beyond relationships with others,
Proudlove was founded because we care about your relationship to Self. 

Our brand is dedicated to the idea that self-expression is self-love.
Dedicated to the idea that it is natural, valid, and good to feel proud of who you are: just the way you are.
We’re a family business, running this business to make a living, yes.
But we’re in this particular business to make a visible difference in the world for lgbtqia+ persons like ourselves.
We're in business:
For those of us who have had to hide who we are (maybe even from ourselves) in order to be loved, or accepted, or “saved”, or thought good. 
For those who’ve lived through struggle and grief and loss to finally show up in the world as we can today.
For the kids. 
For a safer, wiser, better world.
So whether you choose to buy from us or not, what we’d care to say most,
To everyone who needs to hear it: 

Love yourself.

Live proud.